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Robert Wagner
Yoga teacher

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About me

I have been involved with Indian thought since my days as a teenager. Compensation was good then as well as now and is part of my life. I came to yoga through Vipassana meditation in the 90s, since 2010 I teach Hatha Yoga and Acro Yoga. My yoga classes are strongly influenced by the Buddha’s mindfulness meditation. Postures are held longer with ease, you go into observing your natural breathing and body sensations.

Again and again you practice staying with your mind from moment to moment within your body boundaries. This yoga you practice with yourself, it is your self-knowledge. It helps you dissolve old thought patterns that prevent you from living a full life. It helps you to attain a way of life that makes you feel happy on all levels of your being. This way of life gives you peace. From this feeling you create your self-determined life.

I am glad to hear from you