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LetGo Yog PartnerYoga LetGo Yog Feeling in togetherness PartnerYoga exercises aim to practise asana positions together, supporting each other in stretching or relaxation. Breathing together helps you to come into harmony with your partner. It is a wonderful experience to practise asana sequences with another person and to feel yourself and the other person. PartnerYoga […]


LetGo Yog AcroYoga LetGo Yog Joy in working together The practice of AcroYoga consists of an active part, the solar practice, and a therapeutic part, the lunar practice. The active part involves a combination of yoga and acrobatics and requires the practitioners to work together. The exercises are worked on in groups of 2 and […]


LetGo Yog Yoga LetGo Yog In harmony with yourself Classical Hatha Yoga is taught at the LetGo Yog seminars. Hatha yoga includes postures called asanas and breathing exercises called pranayama. What the different styles of Hatha Yoga have in common is the awareness of the body and the conscious holding of the postures with ease. […]

The name LetGo Yog

LetGo Yog The name LetGo Yog LetGo Yog About the meaning of the name Yoga is actually योग ( yog), with no A at the end, as it has become so established worldwide. It means as much as “to unite”, “to bind to the yoke”, “to concentrate one’s attention”. This is understood to be a […]