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Robert Wagner
Yoga teacher

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About me

I have been involved with Indian thought since I was a teenager at school. Balance did me good then and balance still does me good and is part of my life.

I came to yoga through Vipassana meditation in the 1990s and have been teaching Hatha yoga and AcroYoga since 2010. My yoga classes are strongly influenced by the Buddha’s mindfulness meditation. Postures are held longer with ease and you go into observing your natural breathing and body sensations. Again and again you practise staying with your mind, moment to moment, within the boundaries of your body. This yoga you practise with yourself, it is your self-knowledge! It helps you to dissolve old thought patterns. It helps you to lead a way of life that allows you to be all-encompassing, simply there and with yourself on all levels of your being. It brings you peace with yourself, and from this inner pool of peace you shape your life as you imagine it.

I first came into contact with AcroYoga in 2002. I remember seeing two Rainbow Sisters practising together at a Rainbow Gathering in France and being fascinated but too shy to ask if I could join. A few years later the first workshops were offered in Innsbruck. From 2010 onwards we had a small group of acro yogis together who, after my yoga classes, continued to learn more and more difficult tricks late into the evening with the help of YouTube tutorials. Around 2014, this community developed into the first workshops under the name LetGo Yog.

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I am looking forward to hear from you